Group contracts

Non-formal learning is mostly about how we do the things, not what we exactly do. We can call non-formal learning “comfortable”. Non-formal learning is a series of activities you need to make to prepare excellent conditions for the group work. In non-formal learning, learning is not necessarily a sole or main activity. As non-formal learning takes place in a diverse range of environments, both temporarily and as activities or courses, it is always planned.

A cooperation agreement is a kind of non-formal contract with ground rules for the group. The purpose of the cooperation agreement is to balance expectations and define criteria for success and principles for the cooperation. An example of this is how the team will manage conflicts and make decisions. The agreement should be used if the team ends up in a conflict situation. Hence, the collaboration agreement may also become a reflection tool for the team. The collaboration agreement must be maximally one-page long.

Download a card regarding cooperation agreements included in the "Catch it! Non-formal academy of activities" publication in .pdf format in the English language version.