Team building

Non-formal learning is mostly about how we do the things, not what we exactly do. We can call non-formal learning “comfortable”. Non-formal learning is a series of activities you need to make to prepare excellent conditions for the group work. In non-formal learning, learning is not necessarily a sole or main activity. As non-formal learning takes place in a diverse range of environments, both temporarily and as activities or courses, it is always planned.

Team building activities let the participating people, to feel and act as a group. Communication in a group, working better together and having trust in each other, seem to be the most important reasons why teachers or trainers decide to build a team during their class or course. Those are the same motivation factors for building a team at a work environment, as everyone wants the friendly and comfortable work environment with happy people. A good collaborative group is a great space to generate creative ideas. After completing a team building activity, participants better understand their motivation to be a part of group and they better understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Team building activities also help to develop problem-solving skills, team members can determine when they face a problem and what they can do about it.

Download some team building activities included in the "Catch it! Non-formal academy of activities" publication in .pdf format in the English language version.